While a hypnotherapist can neither diagnose nor treat illness, disease or injury, hypnotherapy can open up pathways for superb health and physical well-being by helping clients to tap into the body’s natural ability to initiate self-healing.

The body is endowed with a wisdom all its own, and Hypnotic Somatic Healing™ can help clients to access that wisdom and use it to facilitate healing on all levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Gentle, yet effective, Hypnotic Somatic Healing™ techniques can assist clients to manage symptoms more comfortably, to respond to medical treatment more effectively, and to address and clear some of the underlying subconscious components of disease, illness and pain.

Somatic Healing™ can accelerate the healing processes of mind and body by:

      • Addressing the psychological components of ill-health
      • Exploring the underlying meaning behind disease, illness and pain
      • Clearing trauma and toxic emotions held in the body
      • Connecting with the body’s ability to initiate self-healing
      • Facilitating harmony in bodily processes
      • Enhancing the effectiveness of medical support and treatment
      • Restoring inner peace and well-being to create a foundation to sustain health and vitality

What to expect in a Hypnotic Somatic Healing™ Session

In a Somatic Healing™ session, Sandra works with clients in an alert trance state to journey into an inner awareness of the body and to access its wisdom. A session may include:

  • Process work for addressing subconscious components of disease, illness, injury and pain.

  • Hypnotic movement – allowing the body to move within the trance state to facilitate release and to restore greater physical comfort.

  • Color healing and Golden Sun process healing – using imagery and metaphor to tap into the powerful healing energies within ourselves and integrating those energies for a powerful and joyful healing experience of renewal and transformation.

  • Working with the Inner Healer – discovering that part of the Higher Self that can act as an agent of physical healing for the body, functioning as a kind of internal physician, shaman, healer or transforming energy.

  • Spiritual Surgery from the Inner Healer - a gentle, supportive and loving process of removing all blocks and obstacles that may be impeding healing and helping the client to open pathways for the body to comfortably restore itself to a state of optimal health and vitality.

Some conditions which may respond well to Somatic Healing™ are:

    • Allergies

    • Arthritis and rheumatism

    • Asthma

    • Auto-immune disease and disorders

    • Digestive disorders

    • Enhancing the immune system

    • Facilitating recovery from accident, work or stress-related injury

    • Fibromyalgia

    • HIV/AIDS

    • Infertility (for more information, please see also: http://www.hypnofertilitysf.com)

    • Irritable Bowel Syndrome

    • Managing chronic pain

    • Menopausal symptoms

    • Optimizing the effectiveness of medical treatment

    • Preparation for surgery

Contact Sandra today for more information or to schedule a Hypnotic Somatic Healing™ session.

I look forward to helping you discover the Temple of Healing which is within yourself.

For more information, please visit the Alchemy Institute of Hypnosis’s wonderful library of articles on Somatic Healing™ at: http://www.alchemyinstitute.com/articles.htm


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