For those desiring to explore deeper personal transformation and self-mastery, Alchemical Hypnotherapy integrates aspects of traditional hypnotherapy with the teachings of esteemed psychologist Dr. Carl Jung.

Jung was a modern proponent of Alchemy, the medieval art, science and philosophy of turning lead into gold. He perceived Alchemy as a metaphor for transmuting lead, or the base material of our lives (emotional debris, pain and trauma), into gold (the realization of self and transformation of consciousness).


The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.”

Carl Jung

In Alchemical Hypnotherapy, we explore in a very personal way Jung’s concept of the archetypes, or the different aspects of the Self, as components of universal truth. These archetypes can be easily accessed by the subconscious mind and utilized as inner guides, internal resources of wisdom, love, strength, self-direction and self-determination.

The voyage of self-discovery through Alchemical Hypnotherapy is designed to empower clients to acknowledge, align with, and live their life purposes in more joy, inspiration and creativity.

Alchemical Hypnotherapy can be especially beneficial for:

  • Healing grief, abuse and trauma
  • Enjoying more fulfilling personal relationships
  • Enhancing creativity and intuition
  • Breaking through barriers to prosperity
  • Uniting “subpersonalities,” or the different aspects of Self, in order to accomplish goals and to realize one’s true potential
  • Integrating past life talents and abilities and releasing past life pain, trauma and karmic debt
  • Exploring purpose, connecting to passion and finding fulfillment

Discover from within the riches and treasures that make you uniquely and perfectly you and to reach your fullest potential for joy, fulfillment and expression.


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The trance state can also be utilized as a gateway to Higher Consciousness, to a deeper connection with your True Self, and a greater sense of clarity and direction in fulfilling your soul’s purpose.

Soul work hypnotherapy can help one:

  • Know your Higher Self
  • Recall and honor your purpose in this lifetime
  • Connect with Spirit Guides, Animal Guides and Ancestral Guides
  • Explore past lives and facilitate healing from past life trauma, karma or soul contracts
  • Discover and trust in your own magic and the miracle of life expressed by you and through you in your own unique and perfect way