“Just couldn’t wait to share!

My flight just landed. It was the first time in my life I was calm the whole flight and read my book the whole time, including during take off. Thanks so much for your gifts and your support.”

Lauren B.

“One session with Sandra, and I found resources within myself

that I had neglected for a very long time – my creativity, my ability to self-care and my gentler/more loving self. Thank you!”

Riri S.

“It’s like getting a massage for your mind.

It just feels like something that is good for you.”

Philip C.

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Active Transformational Hypnotherapy on Yelp!

Amazing woman!

I can not even begin to describe how much I love this amazing woman!

I have been working with Sandra for the last 13 months, and my life has completely changed. Her soft energy, gentleness, and understanding and intuitive nature are instantly felt upon meeting her, and she has helped me create the space for so much change in my life.

I am not much of a Yelper, but because Yelp helped me find her to begin with, I wanted to write this review to hopefully help others who could benefit from her practice find their way.

I am so grateful for all that Sandra has helped me bring into my life, and I am excited for what the future of working with her holds.

Jessi M.

Everything is flowing…

Sandra is patient, extremely generous with her time, calming, warm, strong in that she is able to emotionally hold her patient, and clearly, genuinely caring.

I can honestly say that I can clearly see major benefit and results in just the two sessions that I’ve had:

My sleep has improved. I am able to much more easily fall back asleep once woken, and am waking less (miraculous, considering I have struggled with light sleep and insomnia for 19 years now and have tried ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING).

I was sharing with my husband the other day that it feel likes my brain pathways are gently being shifted around. I am thinking differently about myself. I almost feel like I can manifest and follow through on absolutely anything I want, and I realize this is due to the timing of my work with Sandra along with my vision-boarding. Everything is flowing and I feel more fully invested in myself, present, and centered.

I purchased a package of three sessions and am looking forward to more.

Thank you so much, Sandra. To me, you seem like both a haven and respite in the center of the bustling city, but also a lamp to help light my path. So very happy that I found you.

Camille L.

I feel more balanced…

It’s hard to explain the benefits of being under Sandra‘s care. After just a couple of sessions with her, my whole nervous system calmed down. I go to her on occasion when dealing with tough things. I sleep, think, eat, and feel better after I see her. I just feel more balanced after some time on her table. 45-60 minutes on her table feels like a night of restful sleep. I’m so stuck in my head, swimming in what feels like a million thoughts per second. Being with Sandra is like a chance to give that all a rest for an hour. I feel so refreshed afterwards.

I trusted Sandra immediately upon meeting her with deep personal details. I felt safer with Sandra in our first interaction more than I have felt with therapists, acupuncturists and other healers I have had for years – it tripped me out! She has the most warm comforting presence of pretty much anyone I know.

I imagine there are some people who might feel fearful about hypnosis – but it’s not like the movies and you are 100% in control. In fact, the whole point of it is to enhance mind-body control, and mind-body connection. Do not hesitate to give this a try if you are suffering in the mind or body, or just need a new modality to change habits or an unhealthy way of thinking.

For those of you healthy skeptics, I can relate! But please remember that hypnosis is well studied and there is established efficacy. A quick search on pubmed or Google scholar will lead you to the randomized clinical trials that have been conducted…they will tell you what you need to know. Sure, not all people will benefit equally from hypnosis. But what if you are one of them? Isn’t it worth finding out?

Sasha M. 

I love working with Sandra.

“I went into this believing in the science involved, and a willingness to make changes in my life. With that being said, I love working with Sandra. I’m having a hard time coming up with words for my experience with her, but I really want to put it out there how amazing I feel from my sessions with her. I totally recommend opening yourself to the healing process that is part of this experience. Sandra is truly a being of light, yet grounded in the realities of life.”

Timothy M.

The last 5 years have been the best of my life.

“I came to Sandra 5 years ago during a period of deep depression. Hypnotherapy wouldn’t normally have been something I would have tried. Sandra helped me visualize things I didn’t dare dream could become a reality…and yet somehow they have. The last 5 years have been the best of my life.”

Amanda G.

“I found that the whole experience, from start to finish, to be a very powerful and positive one.

 I walked out of my first session feeling elated and energetic, and friends who I saw straight afterwards commented on how different I looked. The following two weeks were a period when I kept making sudden realisations and feeling great about myself, and I really would recommend Sandra to anyone who was looking to make some changes to their life with hypnotherapy.”

Simon S.