The first part of the session is spent discussing specific issues the client wants to address. After 15-20 minutes of discussion, the client reclines on a comfortable massage table or couch while Sandra guides the trancework.

The trancework consists of using proven hypnotherapeutic techniques, such as progressive relaxation, direct suggestion, guided imagery, and active imagination, in order to access your subconscious and experience the benefits of hypnosis.


Hypnosis is a naturally-occurring mind state which most of us enter spontaneously many times throughout an ordinary day. We enter into a light hypnotic trance when we are doing something routine, such as driving or showering, or when we are deeply relaxed, daydreaming, engaged in a book or movie, or engrossed in a favorite activity or creative flow state.

The hypnotic state is a uniquely pleasant experience of feeling incredibly relaxed, aware and focused, all at the same time. It is accompanied by an extraordinary feeling of calmness and is a deeply relaxing experience, physically, mentally and emotionally. It is tremendously soothing for the nervous system and facilitates a more harmonious state of being.

In this pleasant state, the subconscious becomes freer and more receptive to new information, allowing it to accept positive and beneficial suggestions, to release emotional blocks acting as obstacles to achieving one’s goals and desires, and to transform old habits and patterns into new and constructive ones, as well as to harmonize bodily processes that can facilitate healing and optimize health.


A session is 90 minutes long.

During the first session we will discuss your goals and determine together the number of sessions appropriate for you and your particular situation. There is no required minimum number of sessions and each client will know when the work feels complete.

The number of sessions needed to facilitate a significant shift varies for each individual, with different goals or presenting issues. Some issues may require consistent, continued work of 4-8 sessions, generally spaced 1-3 weeks apart. Other issues and goals may only require a single session or 2 before a significant, impactful shift is experienced. While continued work may be optimal, a client can expect to experience benefits and results from each individual session.


The fee for a session is $180.00 and payments are accepted via Venmo, PayPal or credit/debit cards. Sliding scale options are also available for those unable to pay the full fee.